Peer Review Process

Fields related to the acceptation and printing article

Ecological farming systems, intercropping and mixed cropping, Crop rotation, sustainable producing, sustainable management of agricultural inputs, Mulch role in sustainable agriculture, farming systems and climate change, Diversity in farming systems, Biological and ecological protection, pollutants in farming ecosystem conservation tillage systems, biological cycles, Organic materials management, Modeling in sustainable agriculture,


The Process of acceptation and printing article


1. The authors are required to register by visiting this website to send the articles. Sustain and then visit the website to track the status of paper.

2. Received papers first is reviewed by Editorial board and provided basic eligibilities is assessed by two expert referees. To maintain impartiality, the author’s/authors name is removed from article and after verification by referees and receiving amendments from writer, the article is send the match referee to check referees comments.

3. Reviewing articles about 3 to 4 month period is estimated which also will be depended to cooperation of referees.

4. Editorial board of magazine is free to accept or to edit articles.

5. It is necessary for authors to attach a letter that explains they haven’t sent their articles to be published in other publications when authors send articles.



Authors that their articles will be accepted after passing judgment and final review processes must to deposit 1500’000 Rial for final acceptation to the account number 2177220414008, Melli Bank, ranch University of Tabriz, to dedicated revenues of the University of Tabriz magazine . Please send the original bank receipt to the office of magazine as soon as possible in order to article is placed in the print queue after final control and issuance of letter of acceptance. (Articles that don’t have deposit receipt won’t be placed in print priority). There are no charges to submit.


Terms of publishing

Publication of Agricultural Knowledge and Sustainable production accepts scientific articles in the field of sustainable agriculture with the following criteria:

1. Admission requirements

1.1. Article is accepted to be printed which author of authors according to scientific fields that has been determined and approved by the editorial staff of the magazine and is available at the website of the University of Tabriz with the address sustain agriculture., specify the consistent and relation of posted article’s subject with one or several of the fields exactly and mention them at the detail page of the article. Obviously, the final approval of full implementation of article’s subject with scientific fields of the publication will be by editorial staff.

1.2. The Identically text of the article must not be published in any publication, Proceedings of conferences and must not be sent to be published in same time.

1.3. The names of authors along with their addresses and specified correspondence responsible should be attached in English and Persian (with indication the Academic Degree) at a separate page that has been signed by them.  The responsibility of the content posted is on authors.

1.4. According to the comments of the referees, editorial staff has right to accept, edit or to reject the articles.

1.5. This journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

1.6. The Editorial Board takes responsibility for making publication decisions for submitted manuscripts based on the reviewer’s evaluation of the manuscript, policies of the journal editorial board and legal restrain acting against plagiarism, libel and copyright infringement.